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Groupon - anchorage $5 for Mini Name Plate Ankle Bracelet from ($64.99 Value)

$5 for Mini Name Plate Ankle Bracelet from  ($64.99 Value)
  • Price: $5.00
  • Value: $64.00
  • Saved: $59.00
  • Discount: 92%
  • Deal went live: Sep 23 2015

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  • $5 for Mini Name Plate Ankle Bracelet ($64.99 value)
Laser Engraving: Making a Good Impression

Laserengraving machines can monogram rings, bracelets, or lockets in a fraction of the time it would take using more traditional methods. Check out Groupon&8217;s examination of how they accomplish this feat.

Engraving machines are made up of a computer, a laser, mirrors, and a cutting surface. Using an uploaded design as a blueprint, the laser beam engraves a piece in one of three ways:

1. Moving up and down or left to right to create the imagemuch like how an oldfashioned dotmatrix printer would print out Shakespeare&8217;s rough drafts.

2. Staying still while the cutting surface shuttles the object under it.

3. Dancing across the material as if it is drawing the design freehand. As this happens, mirrors magnify the intensity of the laser beam so it can engrave the object at the right time.

In each case, the engraving happens via the process of ablation, which removes material through evaporationas opposed to physically cutting the material (abrasion). Because the laser is so concentrated, a high proportion of the light&8217;s energy is converted into heat, effectively vaporizing the surface.