Saturday 24 Feb 2018

Groupon - toronto OneMonth Gym Membership or VIP Membership to Body Vision Fitness (Up to 83% Off)

OneMonth Gym Membership or VIP Membership to Body Vision Fitness (Up to 83% Off)
  • Price: $25.00
  • Value: $149.00
  • Saved: $124.00
  • Discount: 83%
  • Deal went live: Jan 18 2016

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Choose Between Two Options
  • C$25 for a onemonth gym membership (C$149 value)
  • C$30 for a onemonth VIP gym membership (C$163 value)

Both memberships include one private training and nutrition consultation with a master trainer. VIP memberships add unlimited Spinning sessions, yoga classes, and towel service.

Calories: The Original Renewable Energy

The key to any workout regimen is burning calories. Discover how that happens with Groupon&8217;s exploration of the body&8217;s inner furnace.

In all of weight loss, there may be no concept less aptly named than the calorie. That&8217;s because a calorie is a unit of scientific measurespecifically, a measure of the energy needed to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree Celsius. Though the calorie unit we associate with food actually refers to kilo caloriesmeaning when we say, 2,000 calories a day, we actually mean 2,000,000. And if the number of calories we ingest is bad news, the upside is that we are burning them all the time.

A certain amount of caloriesabout 6075 percent of the calories you burn each dayare needed to sustain the body&8217;s unconscious functions, such as breathing and circulation. Known as basal metabolic rate, the specific percentage depends on factors such as size and body composition, gender, and age (typically, as people get older, fat makes up a larger portion of body weight, causing calories to burn more slowly). Digestion makes up about another 10 percent of the calories burned, leaving physical activity to account for the rest.

During exercise, the muscles contract, causing the body&8217;s adenosine triphosphate (ATP) molecules to break down as the heart continues to pump faster and fasterincreasing the bodys demand for more energy. Once the muscles have depleted the days caloric intake, they turn to other calorie sources to fuel the firemaking weight loss possible as the body begins to sacrifice fat cells to the god of the treadmill.