Wednesday 17 Jan 2018

Groupon - north-jersey One or Three Brazilian Waxes or Three Eyebrow Waxes at Latin Nails (Up to 60% Off)

One or Three Brazilian Waxes or Three Eyebrow Waxes at Latin Nails (Up to 60% Off)
  • Price: $29.00
  • Value: $70.00
  • Saved: $41.00
  • Discount: 59%
  • Deal went live: Jan 21 2016

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Choose from Three Options
  • $29 for one Brazilian wax ($70 value)
  • $87 for three Brazilian waxes ($210 value)
  • $19 for three eyebrow waxes ($48 value)
Hair Growth: Its Just a Phase

Waxing works because the hair on our body grows differently than the hair on our heads. Check out Groupon&8217;s guide to hair growth to learn the science behind strands.

Hair varies in thickness and length across our body, from the head&8217;s massive jungle to the knuckles&8217; tiny brambles. But regardless of where it is, each strand of hair cycles through three phases: anagen, also known as the active growth phase; catagen, or transitional phase; and telogen, or resting phase. During the growth phase, a new hair shaft sprouts from a follicle as its cells rapidly divide and grow upward, forming tightly packed bundles rich with keratin protein. Next, the transition phase kicks in for about two to three weeks, during which growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks, anchoring the hair to the follicle as it enters the final phase. At that point, the follicle lies dormant until the hair is shed and the cycle begins again.

Not all hair grows at the same rate. On the scalp, hair grows about 6 inches per year, with each strand spending about two to six years in the active phase. Meanwhile, hair on the arms, legs, eyelids, and eyebrows actively grows for a much shorter periodonly about 3045 daysand spends more time in the resting phase, which is why waxing these areas helps curb unwanted hair growth. Humans need removal methods such as waxing because we don&8217;t shed our hair all at once like other mammals; our hairgrowth cycles are random and staggered, whereas other animals&8217; cycles are mostly synchronized.